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ARIAT (2000). Regional Action Plan. Asia Regional Initiative Against Trafficking (ARIAT) has prepared The National Action Plan (January 2000) of the United States of America.
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Auton, A. et al. (undated). Comparative Report on the Application of Asylum Standards to Protect Women Trafficked for Sexual Exploitation: An Analysis of the Laws of the United States, France, Canada, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. 26 p. The report presents an analysis of the treatment of asylum claims by 5 signatory countries to the UN Convention and the UN Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, and explores how such treatment may be used to advocate for asylum status on behalf of trafficking victims.
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Center for Women Policy Studies. (2005). Resource Guide for State Legislators: Model Provisions for State Anti-Trafficking Laws. 24 p. It is the first comprehensive set of model laws that cover every aspect of anti-trafficking policy. The Guide is unique in deriving its model legislative provisions not only from federal law but also from state laws that have proven effective and from human rights standards.
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Garrison, W., L. (1833) Declaration of the National Anti-Slavery Convention. "The Convention, assembled in the City of Philadelphia to organize a National Anti-Slavery Society, promptly seize the opportunity to promulgate the following Declaration of Sentiments, as cherished by them in relation to the enslavement of one-sixth portion of the American people."
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Mattar, M. (2003). Monitoring the Status of Severe Forms of Trafficking in Foreign Countries: Sanctions Mandated Under the US Trafficking Victims Protection Act. In: the Brown Journal of World Affairs, Summer/Fall 2003, Vol. X, Issue 1. Article examining the emergence of trafficking in persons as a US foreign policy objective and looking into the nature of the sanctions the US may impose on foreign countries that do not comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking in persons.
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