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Repatriation - General discussions and studies
Action for the Rights of Children (ARC). (1999). Durable Solutions - Voluntary Repatriation. 153 p. "Section one provides a brief overview of the basic principles relevant to a voluntary repatriation operation. Topics covered include: the legal basis for voluntary repatriation, including UNHCR’s mandate in this respect; fundamental operational principles (including voluntariness, safety and dignity) and the responsibilities of governments, intergovernmental organisations and NGOs in a voluntary repatriation operation."
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Ghanem, T. (2003). RSC Working Paper No. 16. When Forced Migrants Return 'Home': The Psychosocial Difficulties Returnees Encounter in the Reintegration Process. 59 p. "Since the 1980s onwards, voluntary repatriation has been promoted by governments, NGOs and UN agencies as the ultimate solution to refugees’ displacement. Policy makers, donor countries, practitioners and researchers have typically disregarded, or at least overlooked, the meaning of repatriation from the returnees’ point of view.
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Tamang, A. (2004). Coming Home: Psychosocial aspects of exploitation and "Repatriation" - children as actors. 9 p. Paper presented at the Seminar - organized by the Institute of Child Rights IUKB and the International Federation of Terre des hommes - on Child Trafficking in Sion, Switzerland.
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Victims of trafficking.org (undated). Voluntary return and reception in the country of origin. "Few international standards relate to the return of victims of trafficking. Article 19 of the 1949 Convention for the Suppression of Trafficking in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others stipulates that the costs of repatriation have to be paid for by the victim of trafficking. In case the victim can’t meet the costs of the repatriation, the receiving state is obligated to provide temporary care and legal repatriation."
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