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Related topics (child labour, abuse, slavery, child soldier etc.) - Street children and other children in especially difficult circumstances - Children in detention
Human Rights Watch (2008). Adults before Their Time Children in Saudi Arabia's Criminal Justice System. 79 p. In Arabic.
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Human Rights Watch (2008). Adults before Their Time Children in Saudi Arabia's Criminal Justice System. 84 p. This "report documents the routine arrest of children for such "offensesď" as begging, running away from home, or being alone with a member of the opposite sex. Prosecutors can hold children, like adults, for up to six months before referring them to a judge. In the case of girls, authorities can detain them indefinitely, without judicial review, for what they say is "guidance" Detention centers mix children under investigation or trial with children convicted of a crime and sometimes with adults. Judges regularly try children without the presence of lawyers or sometimes even guardians, even for crimes punishable by death, flogging, or amputation."
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Human Rights Watch (2008). When I Die, They'll Send Me Home. Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole in California. 102 p. In this report, Human Rights Watch found that in many cases where juveniles were prosecuted with an adult, the youth received heavier sentences than their adult codefendants. There are 227 inmates in California sentenced as juveniles to life in prison without parole.
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Human Rights Watch (2008). The Last Holdouts. Ending the Juvenile Death Penalty in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen. 23 p. The prohibition on the death penalty for crimes committed by juvenile offenders—persons under age 18 at the time of the offense—is well established in international treaty and customary law. The overwhelming majority of states comply with this standard: only five states are known to have executed juvenile offenders since January 2005.
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Human Rights Watch (2007). Paying the Price: Violations of the Rights of Children in Detention in Burundi.  50 p. The report documents the many types of human rights violations that children experience in pre-trial detention, in the investigation and prosecution of cases, and while in prison. Based on interviews with more than 100 children as well as with prosecutors and prison staff, the report details cases of physical and sexual abuse of children by other inmates, shortages of food, poor sanitary conditions, and a total lack of any organized education inside the prisons.
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