Number of tactics that a malicious stranger

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Here are some of the things you can do.What parents can doGPS tracking devicesOne of the best steps you can take to ensure the safety of your kids is to use some kind of tracking device.Tracking devices can come in many forms many different. They all have slightly different functions, but the essential idea is the same: helping you locate your kids from anywhere.

Through a combination of GPS satellites, cell towers and Wi-Fi connections, these tracking devices can identify the child’s location on the map, showing you the exact whereabouts of your son or daughter. It is common for the tracking device to be attached directly to the child’s clothing – for example, in a trouser pocket. You can also buy smartwatch-type wristwatches that allow GPS monitoring. Child tracking devices Another excellent way to ensure your child’s safety, especially if he has a

Smartphone, is to use a tracking app.

Another great way to ensure the safety of your child – especially if they have a smartphone – is to use a tracking app. There are many tracking apps available for download, both for Android and iOS devices. These tracking apps make use of the same technology as tracking devices: GPS satellites, cell tower signals and Wi-Fi connections.

  • You can easily install a tracking app on your child’s mobile device, not only to help you monitor their location in real time, but also to track activity on your smartphone. Many apps,
  • including Find My Kids, ZoeMob and FamiSafe allow you to monitor suspicious messages or emails received by your child. This allows you
  • to notice immediately if bad elements are trying to get closer to your child.

Educating your children It is essential to educate your children about the risks that unknown people can present. There are a  can use to entice and kidnap the child, inserting him into the trafficking system. To educate your children about these risks, it is essential to teach them to identify the danger signs. If children know how to respond in the right way, they will know how to evade danger as soon as possible.

They can make childrenLearn to recognize danger signs There are many different techniques that malefactors can use to get children into exploration activities. Some of these techniques include: Pretending that there is an emergency: this is a common technique used by criminals to attract children – it is about pretending that an emergency has happened involving the child’s parents. The criminal encourages the child to get into his vehicle in order to go straight to the emergency scene.

The criminal pretends to be a friend

Act as a friend: of the child’s parents. He can say that he came to pick up the child to take him home to the parents. Asking for help: for example, asking for directions on how to get to a place, or asking the child to help find someone – this is another common technique used by malefactors to kidnap children. There are many other tricks used by criminals to entice and kidnap children,

  • but by teaching these tricks to your children, you help them stay one step ahead of malefactors. Once your children know all these techniques,
  • you need to teach them how to respond the right way. Show them that it is always necessary to say “No” or “I cannot help you if you are not with an adult”. Your child’s tone of
  • voice should always be firm. You also need to teach your children to keep the right distance when they are approached by strangers – at least 5 steps away.

Children should also be trained to look for a responsible adult (parent, guardian or teacher) immediately after a similar event. Learning about the dangers of online grooming Online grooming is still a very present threat. It is common for criminals – especially those who are part of a child trafficking network – to use social media platforms to lure vulnerable children.

You must show children what to do to stay safe online – how to recognize danger signs and react to them. It is important to encourage your child to notify you immediately if there is any concern about online safety. Through an Internet or smartphone tracking app, you can monitor any suspicious activity on your child’s social networking platforms – including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp .

Signs of danger,

Once you have detected any you can alert the child and show them how to react. More often than not, the best way to respond to any potential threat is to block the social network account, email address or number phone number in question and prevent them from continuing to correspond with your child.To learn more about how to teach your children to stay safe online,

click hereA growing problem Trafficking in children is a problem that is growing. It is absolutely essential that we do everything possible to abolish criminal gangs that exploit children. Although the most vulnerable are children educated in social assistance systems, criminals also target children from all areas of society, using malicious tactics to attract them. away from security and take them to the child trafficking system.

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